Dermatological Conditions CME Series

Dermatological Conditions CME Series CME

Dermatology involves the study and clinical management of the skin, its appendages and visible mucous membranes, both in health and disease. This study provides all primary healthcare professionals with an opportunity to recognize and treat most acute and chronic skin conditions. HCPs learn how to identify and characterize physical findings typical of common skin disorders as well as findings that precede or reflect systemic illness, such as metabolic, neoplastic, and connective tissue disorders. Most of the dermatologic complaints and cases the primary care physicians commonly see includes, such as acne, hair loss or excessive growth, nail issues, pruritis, and skin lesions. This CME series is designed to provide all HCPs with treatment and support strategies by use of evidence-based medicine to aid in diagnosis and management of these conditions often presenting as clinical dilemmas.

4 activities included in this collection.

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